What is wement.io

Wement.io is a common comment system for all users whoever wants to quickly have a comment system. It has a shared powerfull server to provide data storage service. and it provide user ad service to ensure the benefits of users.

Comment plugin

The goal of wement.io is provide a common comment plugin for users. you can directly use the api of wement.io to fetch or post data from wement.io. also for wordpress, z-blog, hexo, hugo and any other blog system, you can install the plugin which is already written by excellent coders, it really very simple and easy.

Data storage service

Wement.io have a powerful server which is provide for data storage service, you can call api to post or get your websites comments.

Ads service

Why you write things, but you can not get benefits, there are lots of vampires to squeeze your efforts with no paid for you. wement.io provide ads service for your website, all benefits are yours.

Open source & services

Wement.io is open source software and service. we’d like to invite you to get join us.